Instant Dramaturg Resource Collection


On nearly every play produced each year in the United States, some amount of background research and information is needed by the cast, crew and production team in order to bring the play ‘from the page to the stage’.  Where exactly is the play set?  What styles of furniture would these characters have had?  What kind of foods are they eating in the ‘lunch’ scene?  Have there been film versions of this play, and if so, who did they star?  What do these archaic or region-specific words mean?  And so on…

Some productions are lucky enough to have a focused dramaturg on staff, who is responsible, in addition to other creative tasks, for doing all the background research and assisting the director, designers and cast members in understanding the full context and details of the world of the play.  But in most cases, this research work falls to the director, a cast member, or some other member of the production team who doesn’t have the time to do the kind of detailed research that is really necessary.  And what makes this particularly inefficient is that many plays are produced hundreds of times a year around the country, and the same research is being done over and over again!

The Instant Dramaturg Resource Collection changes all that.  Through the Instant Dramaturg, you can download a comprehensive pdf packet of research on a given production in moments, and for a very affordable low cost.  You can distribute the pdf electronically to your team, or print it and hand it to them at the first rehearsal or production meeting.  Dozens of hours of your time are saved, and you also know the information you get through the Instant Dramaturg is comprehensive and accurate!

Take a look here at a downloadable sample packet, for the American classic OUR TOWN by Horton Foote!

More packets are added to the Collection regularly.  But if you don’t see a packet on a particular play that you need, try our Instant Dramaturg Research Service, where for incredibly low rates you can get a new research packet done on a particular play right away!