Theatre Sidekick provides services to make life easier for the producers, administrators and aritsts who create live theatre across the United States.  Because you work hard enough already!

Clayton-BW-HeadshotThe company was founded in 2006 by Douglas Clayton, a theatre director, actor and producer who also spent ten years running LA STAGE Alliance, a non-profit service organization that served hundreds of theatre companies and thousands of theatre artists throughout Southern California.

Doug’s philosophy, which is the groundwork for Theatre Sidekick, is that the American theatre is populated with hosts of incredibly talented, hardworking artists, technicians, administrators and leaders who are too often held back by the realities of the arts in our country.  It is the stated mission of Theatre Sidekick to work to reduce the challenges and difficulties inherent in creating theatre, so that more time and energy can by spent where it should be spent – on the creative process.

Theatre Sidekick’s two initial services are the Instant Dramaturg Resource Collection and the Instant Dramaturg Research Service, both aimed at reducing the time and energy theatre artists spend researching the same plays over and over again.  More services of various types are planned to be added to the Theatre Sidekick roster at a later date.  If you have ideas for ways that Theatre Sidekick can be useful to you, please feel free to contact us!



Theatre Sidekick is currently partnered with Research and Report, LLC, on all research related services that Theatre Sidekick provides.  All dramaturgy-related research inquiries for Research and Report should be directed through the Theatre Sidekick website.